Heartwood Haven

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner!

On November 18, we welcomed Josephina and Clara to our ever growing family at Heartwood Haven. Both Josephina and Clara were once strays at risk of freezing to death or worse. Clara is a Red Jungle Fowl hen who was getting picked on by kids in the neighborhood. She started hiding in a garage trying to stay warm as the temperature dipped below freezing at night. She is now safe at Heartwood Haven, receiving proper care and will have chicken friends and a warm dry coop. Josephina is a 2 month old piglet who was found as a stray, certainly escaping impending slaughter. Even after her escape, she was at risk of going to auction. She is a wee little piglet, who will grow up to be big pig and is the life of the sanctuary with her playful personality.

With winter fast approaching and new intakes arriving sometimes only with a few hours notice, we are in dire need of quarantine and storage upgrades!  Our Giving Tuesday goal is to raise $10,000 to purchase two new barns to address these very crucial needs.

#GivingTuesday is a movement to support and celebrate charitable causes via an international day of giving.  This year Facebook and PayPal will match donations up to $50,000 per organization ($7 million in total). On November 27th we will launch a special campaign on Facebook to support our organization in a big way.

Why Quarantine and Storage?

Clara heads to Heartwood Haven. Having evaded our attempts to catch her four times, we are finally able to help.

Quarantine is an extremely important part of our work at Heartwood Haven. Our residents often come to us sick, exposed to illness and parasites, malnourished, exhausted, and scared. Quarantine periods for new intakes keep our veteran residents safe, and give new residents a chance to recuperate before integrating into a new herd or flock.  In addition to our newest residents, we are also preparing for the arrival of three precious pigs from Puerto Rico who have been affected by recent hurricanes. These beautiful babies will be very scared, and need a calm, safe, and quiet space to ease their arrival process. A new quarantine barn will provide exactly that, not just for these pigs, but for all future residents as well. The security of this new structure will ease our intake process as we will no longer have to come up with a new quarantine plan for each new intake.

As our sanctuary has grown, our storage needs have grown with it. We store everything we need to provide our residents with the best possible care – hay, straw, wood shavings, grain feed, produce, wood, construction supplies, towels, blankets, and more.  These supplies keep our residents warm, fill their bellies, and build the structures and fencing that keep them safe. Our current storage situation is a garage, a leaky shed, and a holey greenhouse.  Pumpkins and hay are toppling over. Wood and construction supplies are growing mushrooms. Straw, hay, and pig manure are sharing the same steamy space that once grew herbs and seedling starts. With a critical need for more clean and dry space this winter, a new storage barn is a must.

Where Do I Donate?

Mila taking a nap after a long day of preparing to welcome Josephina.

We need YOUR help! Without this quarantine and storage upgrade we are limited in our ability to rescue new animals, as well as what we can store and how long we can store it.  We are asking our supporters to get ready, and give to our Giving Tuesday Facebook fundraiser on November 27th. All donations given through Facebook on that day will be matched up to $50,000 per organization.  Facebook does NOT keep a percentage of funds raised – 100% of your donation and its match will support our sanctuary and the residents who live here. The first 15 people to donate $50 or more will receive a t-shirt of one of our residents.

Visit our Facebook page on November 27th to access the fundraiser – www.facebook.com/heartwoodhaven

From all of us at Heartwood Haven, thank you for your support!  If you have any questions, please reach out to us – info@heartwoodhaven.org