Heartwood Haven

Heartwood Haven Cats


Stout is the resident cat at Heartwood Haven. He came out of the woods in August of 2017 and never left. Stout’s visit were short at first but overtime he started spending more and more time with us. We think he was enjoying a regular source of food and figured we weren’t so bad. One day in November he came over and we noticed his eye was swelling. As we took a closer look we realized he had a cat claw in his eyebrow! We took him to the vet for antibiotics and learned that Stout was FIV+. FIV is similar to HIV in humans and while it is very manageable, it is important that Stout maintain a healthy immune system so we moved him indoors with us. His health is of upmost importance to us and since we have serval feral cats in the neighborhood, it isn’t worth the risk for him to be fighting for territory everyday. He is very happy to be an indoor cat now and even when we offer to let him go out he always declines the invitation. He seems to enjoy being warm and having a soft bed to lay on overnight. He’s one of the coolest cats we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and couldn’t be happier that he chose us!