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Mila Bear

Mila was a stray who spent a months waiting for a family to adopt her. But this senior dog with a long list of health issues, severe allergies and anxiety did not have much interest. Mila was missing a lot of hair; her sides, chest, stomach, top of her head and neck were practically bald. She had red weeping sores, her skin was red and irritated, she was prone to frequent diarrhea and ear infections. She had been a mama and had a lot of litters.

Mila has healed from all her issues with time, a special diet and lots of love. Her favorite activities are hiking and camping, she loves going in the car because it always leads to somewhere fun. She loves cuddling, sunbathing and licking our faces. Mila now has something that she has never had before- security, safety and friends.

Mila Bear

Shadow is one of the most adored residents at the sanctuary. She greets every visitor with enthusiasm and rolls over for belly rubs. Shadow was farm dog for 11 years until her family retired and moved into an apartment. That didn’t suit Shadow well. She was used to running 10 miles a day so her family surrendered her to the shelter. Mila met Shadow and they hit it off well. They’ve been good friends ever since. Mila and Shadow have a daily routine that includes morning playtime and evening snack time.