Heartwood Haven

Heartwood Haven Geese

Oswald and Honey were the first geese at Heartwood Haven. They have opened the door for many more wonderful waterfowl to grace the sanctuary. We’ve rescued 20 geese from cruelty and abandonment. Below are just a few of their stories.


Rescued Geese

Oswald and Honey

A sanctuary Love story! Meet Honey and Oswald.

Oswald came to us a heartbroken widower. He saw his mate get killed by a predator two years ago. We just HAD to heal his broken heart.  Enter HONEY, she survived being dumped in the wild and a sea lion attack! Odd Man INN took this wonderful girl in, but she had no companion to be her own until she came to Heartwood Haven and met Oswald. Oswald has been a perfect gentleman to his lady, they’ve been taking long walks checking out the property, they like to swim in their pool and snack on grass. *ADOPTED*

Oswald and Honey

Henry, Jade, Gordo, and Baxter are a family of White Chinese Geese who came to us in May 2020. They were seized by animal control from a cruelty case and were all extermely emaciated when they arrived.

They got healthy here and found their happily ever after. They enjoyed eating grass, hanging out in the garden, and taking dips in their pool. Their family loves their quirky personalities and affectionate honks.