Heartwood Haven

Heartwood Haven Goats


Milo was sold at an auction and purchased for an 8 year old child.  Milo and many others like him are seen as disposable and undesired because he is a male goat, and in the dairy industry he is worthless.  After being purchased, he was dumped on a family member who tried to do the best for him and relinquished him into our care.  Milo is spunky and funny and he loves snuggles.  


Jack’s owner died and he was taken in by someone who wasn’t prepared to care for him longterm.  Jack was being kept in a small, dark, solitary stall and all he wanted was to have goat friends.  He would break out to see the other goats on the property, but being an intact male, he couldn’t be in with the lady goats.  We took him in because he deserves to have goat friends and live his best life.  Jack was castrated and after a long and difficult recovery he now enjoys being friends with Milo and is all ready for his adoptive goat home.


Logan and his sisters were born in the cold winter months.  They did not have access to shelter and Logan suffered from frostbite.  Logan lost one of his feet, his ear tips and tail tip.  When we arrived to pick up Logan, we just couldn’t leave his sisters behind.  The whole family came to sanctuary.

Logan received a prosthetic leg and physical therapy to help him rehabilitate to use all four legs.  We found out that his joints never formed properly in the affected leg and that he would not be able to use it.  He is now a happy tripod living his best life.  *Adopted*


Lola has always been the leader of the trio, and while Lola, Lily and Logan are triplets, Lola has always been the biggest.  Lola is the bravest and most curious.  She has trained everyone that she gets to eat first and get pets first.  *Adopted*


Lily has come a far way since she first arrived.  She was terrified of us and would not let us get near her.  Now Lily has grown up, she has become more confident and playful.  And once in a while she even gets close enough for chin scratches.  *Adopted*

Verne and Shirley

Verne and Shirley are the resident goats at Heartwood Haven. They arrived in October of 2017 from an owner in Seattle who was no longer providing proper care for them or feeding them. Shirley has been making up for lost time and eating her weight in green vegetation and hay. Snacks and bossing around Verne are her favorite pastimes. She really enjoys head butting Verne when he tries to take over the playground area. Verne loves scratches and following people around. He is pretty independent and innovative. Verne likes doing flips of his house, eating tree bark, and running through the playground. He doesn’t mind Shirley bossing him around and usually lets her get her way. These two are quite the characters. *ADOPTED*