Heartwood Haven Goats

Logan, Lola and Lilly

Logan and his sisters were born in the cold winter months.  They did not have access to shelter and Logan suffered from frostbite.  Logan lost one of his feet, his ear tips and tail tip.  When we arrived to pick up Logan, we just couldn’t leave his sisters behind.  The whole family came to sanctuary.

Logan is receiving a prosthetic leg to give him the best goat life possible.

Verne and Shirley

Verne and Shirley are the resident goats at Heartwood Haven. They arrived in October of 2017 from an owner in Seattle who was no longer providing proper care for them or feeding them. Shirley has been making up for lost time and eating her weight in green vegetation and hay. Snacks and bossing around Verne are her favorite pastimes. She really enjoys head butting Verne when he tries to take over the playground area. Verne loves scratches and following people around. He is pretty independent and innovative. Verne likes doing flips of his house, eating tree bark, and running through the playground. He doesn’t mind Shirley bossing him around and usually lets her get her way. These two are quite the characters. *ADOPTED*