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Heartwood Haven Pigs

Who doesn’t love pigs and piglets? Pigs are known to be smart, social, they like to play, and they have good long-term memories. Our animal sanctuary’s first rescued pigs came to Heartwood Haven in January 2018.


Rescued Pigs


Mia arrived in August 2020. She had suffered extreme neglect and trauma. Her owner was arrested for murder and had to be extracted with a SWAT team. Mia arrived at Heartwood Haven weighing only 35lbs. The before photo shows an emaciated, dehydrated pigs who had lost her desire to live. The after photo shows a pig who is a healthy 150 lbs with a determined and relaxed look on her face. The difference in the two photos is only 3 months.

Mia arrived with another pig who we named Leo. Due to their traumatic past and bad experiences, the two decided to have other friends after arriving to the sanctuary. Mia helped to raise Arlo, Otis, Benji and Cooper and prefers their company. 


Arlo, Otis, Benji and Cooper arrived on Labor Day. They were seized as part of an animal cruelty investigation. The boys were locked in a small wooden crate and left in the sun on a 90 degree day to dehydrate and die of heatstroke. To the people who had them, it didn’t matter if they lived or died because they would be killed anyway for a BBQ.

The boys will now live the rest of their lives getting the best care and will only know kindness and compassion. They are the best of friends and can always be found cuddling together.



Astro and Finn arrived in June 2020. These two fascinate every visitor with their unique look. You see, they are mostly naked and have little hair. This is a trait of the Yucatan pig breed. This breed is often used for dermal laboratory testing due to their lack of hair and sweet disposition. Astro and Finn were test subjects for a study and were going to be euthanized after the study ended. Instead, Farm Animal Refuge negotiated their release and they made it to sanctuary. These two are inseparable! Astro thinks the best way to say hello is to walk by and rub himself against your legs. We are happy to offer them sanctuary forever.


Leo was rescued from extreme neglect and trauma in August 2020. His previous owner was arrested for murder and Leo had to experience the SWAT team at his house for over 12 hours. He was then forced to only eat a can of vegetables every few days and had to share it with another pig, Mia.

Leo is a shy pig but he is very curious. Leo is a potbellied pig with the personality of a giant. He now prefers the company of Josie. We hope to find Leo a pig best friend and an adoptive home soon.



Penelope, Penny for short, is Fiona’s best friend. Penny arrived to the sanctuary shortly after Fiona and the two have a lot in common. They both like spending the day in bed, they are both special needs and both can brighten anyone’s day. Penny came from a past of neglect. She has a difficult time getting up and walking around. On a good day Penny does go for a long walkabout to find all the snacks that have been left out. Her favorite foods are bananas, peanut butter and sweet potatoes. Penny is a life-long sanctuary pig who inspires us all to live everyday to the fullest.


Fiona arrived at Heartwood Haven in early June 2019. Fiona was picked up by animal control as a stray was in major pain and couldn’t walk. She was destined for euthanasia at the shelter until we stepped in. Right away Fiona visited the animal hospital and was diagnosed with a broken back/fractured spinal vertebrae, as well as a number of side issues. We’ve pieced together her past and believe that a human broke her back and had abused her in the past.

Fiona has healed from her broken back, made a best friend and enjoys life to the fullest. She has also come around to trusting us more and more every day. Once terrified of walking canes and anything with a long wood handle, Fiona now enjoys occasional ear scratches from visitors and lots snackies.


Josephina is a young Hereford Pig; she was found as a stray in King County. Thankfully she ended up at the sanctuary. Josie has grown to be a 550lbs pig who is a bundle of energy and joy. We are glad that she is able to spread her zest for life to anyone who meets her. She is loving and trusting and absolutely loves people. But she wasn’t always that way!  It took us napping with her and lots of cuddles to gain her trust. Her cute personality will absolutely win you over.

Josie is best friends with Lucy and Ethel but also makes friends with just about any pig who is interested in exploring and romping with her.



Ethel and her sister Lucy came to us from some very unusual circumstances. Their owner had gone to jail following a drug bust/murder. The bank foreclosed on the house and sold it on shortsale to some unsuspecting folks who got two huge surprises. The kind folks wanted the pigs to end up at a rescue and be safe.


You can see the intelligence and kindness in her eyes. Ethel is our friend and she has many likes and dislikes just as any sentient being would. Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts. Likes: Tomatoes, Cantaloupes, Mangos, and teaming up with Lucy to flip their water trough in order to make a bigger mud hole.


Lucy and her sister Ethel, came to us from some very unusual circumstances. Their owner had gone to jail following a drug bust/murder. The bank foreclosed on the house and sold it on shortsale to some unsuspecting folks who got two huge surprises. The kind folks wanted the pigs to end up at a rescue and be safe.

Lucy has developed a special bond with us because she knows we bring the best snacks. When Lucy first arrived we could see all the vertebrae along her spine. With time her skin and body have healed and she has begun to trust people. Lucy is definitely a sassy pig who gets her way and we love her for it.


Through no fault of her own, Shirley has spent the first four years of her life bouncing around from home to home. She has ended up at the local shelter multiples times and the last home she was in only lasted for two weeks. Shirley has not known stability but has completely wowed us with her personality. Shirley is the best pig we have ever met. She loves belly rubs and sings to us when she gets belly rubs. She also talks to us whenever we are around and loves human interactions.

Our goal is to find Shirley a wonderful forever home with other pigs where she will have stability and love and never have expectations placed on her to be anything other than the wonderful pig that she already is.



Loki has a similar story to so many other pigs. She was stray running around and got picked up. The large majority of shelters do not have the resources, knowledge or an adoption program for farmed animals. If a rescue or sanctuary does not take them, they end up at auction or euthanized. Loki was the sweetest pig who could take anyone’s bad day and turn it around to be the best day every. She loved climbing into our laps for snuggles and absolutely loved getting pumpkins for a treat.


It’s no wonder to us that Loki was able to find an adoptive home right away. Loki now has a pig brother who is around her same age and a wonderful human family that loves her.



Hazel and Bear arrived in August 2020. They were picked up as strays several times and eventually their owner didn’t come to pick them up. They were young not fixed. Unfortunately many if not most mini pigs end up either as strays or going from home to home.

This friendly pair found a great adoptive farm home with rescued goats, alpacas and chickens.


Oakley and Stevie were found as strays in July 2020. Many people get mini pigs without having necessary resources to care for them. It is unfortunate and sad for the pigs. They were friendly, but not spayed or neutered. These two were adopted and scored a great piggy home. They made good friends with all their neighbors so that everyone knows to bring them good snacks.


Red was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico as a stray.  After the hurricanes, hundreds of pigs were displaced.  We took three pigs and Red was the smallest and most skittish. Red has been adopted along with her her friends Kany and Sanson. They now have alpaca friends and are very loved. Red has gone from being untouchable to enjoying belly rubs with lots of patience and love from her adoptive family.


Kany also came from Puerto Rico.  He was very nervous with us at first, but warmed up very fast.  He now loves getting pets and all kinds of attention.  How do we know this?  Pigs, when happy get a raised mohawk and wag their tails.  Kany has been adopted along with his friends Red and Sanson. He is living his best life.


Sanson was the first pig to arrive at Heartwood Haven from Puerto Rico. He was found stray in a parking lot. He was skin and bones and his skin was in terrible condition. Sanson has gained a good amount of weight, his skin cleared up and his hair grew back in. Sanson also had a terrible limp that improved significantly with proper nutrition. It’s amazing what good food and a warm bed do for a pig. Sanson was adopted by good friends of the sanctuary.


Wanda is the most precious baby girl piglet who has ever walked this earth.  She loves food and taking naps on her brothers Yoshi and Koopa.  She loves apples, sweet potatoes, bananas, rice and beans, carrots and cabbage.  As Wanda grows and matures, her bossy personality is showing through.  While she is the smallest pig in her herd, her personality is bigger than life.


Yoshi runs the show around here.  Notice that he is quite a bit older than Wanda and that is because they are from different litters.  We are not sure why they are completely different colors.  The piglets came to Heartwood Haven after being rescued from a neglectful situation where the parents were never spayed or neutered and kept having litter after litter.  Yoshi and his brother have both been neutered now.

Yoshi now trusts humans for affection and has even flopped over for some belly scratches, something that we once would never be able to do.


Koopa and his brother look so much alike; how do we tell the difference?  Koopa has a little pink heart on his nose and his right foot is pink.  The boys came to us very scared of humans, but that is slowly changing.  All the three pigs now wag their tails when we are around, because they are learning to trust us, and food is definitely the way to their hearts.

After 9 months at the sanctuary, Koopa now trusts us to pet him!  Phew, what a long journey to socialize a once semi feral pig.


Hamlet is living it up! Far too many animals lose their lives. As we spend the everyday celebrating the animals of Heartwood Haven, our days are enhanced by celebrating them as individuals. As the sanctuary has grown we’ve had the opportunity to care for and get to know a variety of animals. Each with their own unique personalities but all with the same desire for love, friendship, affection, and respect. The time has come to have compassion for all animals. *ADOPTED*


Tyson enjoys the morning sun.  Wanda and Tyson have become fast friends as they are both members of the little pig club. He has a killer mohawk that we hope to capture in a photo soon. He’s branching out a little from his bud Hamlet but you can still find them snuggled close together at night. Tyson’s favorite activity is getting belly scratches, he gladly flops over on his side for anyone willing to spoil him. *ADOPTED*