Heartwood Haven

Heartwood Haven Roosters

Why do we have so many roosters? Chickens are arguably the most neglected and abused farm animal in existence. Hens are used for eggs and kept as long as they are producing. But, what about the roosters? For every hen, there is a rooster who was killed or discarded. Most rescues do not take rooster, and in general roosters are misunderstood. The majority of our roosters live the bachelor life. As long as there are no hens to fight over roosters get along great.


Rescued Roosters


Porter was the first rooster we cared for and we give him all the credit in being the impetus behind the sanctuary. He was confiscated in a large bust of cockfighters along with almost 50 other birds. These guys needed homes desperately and we decided that we have to be the change we wish to see in this world and said yes, we can take a rooster.  After a year of living at the sanctuary Porter passed away.

Jon Snow

Our dearest Jon Snow. Jon was rescued from the animal shelter at 4 months old. Jon has brought a lot of light and laughter into our home and we couldn’t imagine life without him. He is proof that chickens want to LIVE and can be just as good of a companion as a dog or cat.


Saffron was a stray rooster before coming to us and he was mostly feral. With time he has begun trusting us more, however he is still shy and not a fan of being handled. He isn’t aggressive at all and does great with children and other animals. And he gets along well with other roosters.



Sprinkles is an small adult rooster with an intense gaze and serious personality. He does not do well with other roosters, and gets to be the flock guardian of seven ex-battery hens. He finds the hens treats and calls them over and watches over the girls all day long, especially when they are dust bathing. Sprinkles is a great rooster.


Robin is what is called a Freedom or Red Ranger chicken breed. It is a breed that is mixed with Cornish. These breeds are typically used for meat- that means he has an extreme appetite and gains weight easily. He will need to be maintained on a diet to keep him healthy. Otherwise these breeds gain too much weight causing broken bones, immobility, infections and organ damage.


Vinny is a breed called Jersey Giant.  He is one of the largest roosters we have ever met.  He is also unfortunately one of the least friendly roosters we have met.  He would rather stalk and attack us rather than make friends, though he does have some big fans.


Burton has been with us since September 2017 and is a huge fan of humans.  He is a sweet rooster who will cluck for good treats and treats hens like a gentleman.  


Woody is sweet little rooster, he was living with the rest of the bachelor flock until we noticed some issues with him.  He had extremely swollen feet and it was confirmed that he has kidney disease and the swollen feet are akin to gout in humans.  While there is no cure for kidney disease, we were advised that a healthy low protein diet would help.  Woody has been doing well on a healthy diet and now lives with a girlfriend.


The Humane Society contacted us due to concern over Ozzie’s feet. Ozzie is an Easter Egger, a breed prone to genetic foot deformities. Ozzie’s crooked toes could be due to improper incubation conditions, nutritional deficiency, wire flooring or broken bones or ligaments that healed incorrectly. If caught early, the crooked toes can be fixed with wrapping or a bootie. At this point, Ozzie has no issues walking and no pain.


Sage was a stray rooster before he arrived with us and he was mostly feral. With time he has become more trusting of us. He gets along great with other animals and would do well with a rooster or hen flock.



Roadrunner is a small adult rooster who was stray. He came to us mostly feral and received the name Roadrunner because he is so fast he reminded us of the Looney Tunes Road Runner. He has been with us for a year and in that time his trust for humans has increased tremendously. He is still mostly shy, however would trust humans even more with frequent interaction. He has a great personality, and would make a great addition to your hen flock or bachelor rooster pad.  *ADOPTED*


Richard is social and likes humans, though he isn’t too fond of being handled. He gets along great with other animals and currently lives in a rooster flock.  *ADOPTED*


Littlefoot is a brown bantam Cochin who was surrender to an animal shelter at 4 months old. Littlefoot weighs about a pound and loves searching for bugs and getting treats! His other favorite activities include sunbathing and perching with his bachelor flock buddies. He is a little snuggle bug and we love his tiny little feathered feet.  *ADOPTED*


Dorothy was very young when he arrived to us and we originally thought he was a hen, turned out we were wrong. But his name stuck, so here we are. He is a sweet rooster and gets along well with other roosters and hens. He would make a great companion pet. While he is full grown, he is still pretty young. He also gets along well with people and has become a lot less shy with time. He now takes treats from our hands and isn’t afraid.  *ADOPTED*


Say hello to Penguino. Penguino is a spunky little fellow with the softest feathers ever. He iss a bantam Cochin who weighs 2-3 lbs. He gets a little scared of humans picking him up and likes to bite our fingers. He prefers the company of his flock mates and hanging out with his best bud Littlefoot. Roosters all have unique personalities and while some really like to hang out with us others do not, so we try to respect their wishes and only force them out of their comfort zones for medical reasons or for therapy reasons if there is a big issue. Behavioral problems are a different issue than personality traits and we’ll discuss that in another post. *ADOPTED*



Crown received his name in celebration of his unique comb. He was originally a stray rooster before coming to us. Crown is a gentle and shy roosters. He generally steers clear of humans however he has gotten more used to us with time and would become even more social given the chance. He has a beautiful crow and would do well with a rooster or hen flock. *ADOPTED*


Mario and Luigi

Mario, Luigi and Bowzer were rescued together as strays; we also call them the Triple Threat. One morning we woke up to a text that there are three tiny Serama roosters in a parking lot. This was in Northern Washington, where the winters are cold especially for these tiny guys without food or shelter.  Mario and Luigi are the twin black and white Seramas, they look extremely similar and act similar as well. However, they do have small differences in their bravado, their size and comb shape to tell them apart.  At first all three roosters were cautious with humans and they have since gotten used to us more.  *ADOPTED*


Monarch received his name because he looks like a beautiful monarch butterfly. Monarch is a breed of rooster called Laced Wyandotte, they are known for being especially striking in appearance.  Monarch is calm, a little skittish with people, a bit aloof. He gets along great with his rooster bachelor flock.  *ADOPTED*


Batman was among the first ten animals who we rescued. He is a Black French Copper Maran.  We could not be more lucky to know this gentleman. Batman is one of the kindest, most gentle, confident, loving, trusting and adoring roosters we have. Within the bachelor flock, he plays the peacekeeper role. He is beyond beautiful, with black feathers that light up in hues of green, pink and purple when the light hits them. He is the first one to take treats from our hand. He loves to be hand fed bananas, boy does he love being hand fed bananas. Batman is a roosters who likes human attention, he even allows some petting and doesn’t mind being held.  *ADOPTED*


Whistler is a Barred Rock Rooster who is approximately 5 years old. He was surrendered for unknown reasons and had been waiting for a forever home for several months. Whistler is named for our love of the outdoors and our neighbors to the north. He enjoys eating bananas from your hand and perching high on branches to let out a loud crow. He is king of his bachelor flock.  *ADOPTED*


The only way to describe Yoda is big personality in a small package. Yoda was surrendered to the humane society along with another rooster because their owner had too many and didn’t need them. When we found him, he was the smallest rooster and was being housed with the largest rooster. He simply has no fear. He is often the first to crow in the morning and the last to crow at night.  *ADOPTED*


This handsome boy is named Petrie after one of the dinosaurs in “The Land Before Time”. He’s a mini rooster with a lot of fashion sense. Petrie is a really sweet and goofy guy.  When he arrived here, he was really shy and preferred to spend time in the coop, but he has a lot of friends now and he is pretty popular.  *ADOPTED*


Arbor has been extremely skittish around people from the moment we picked him up from the Humane Society. He gave three people chase around the holding area for a while. Arbor is very independent, he is the first in his flock to check out new places. He has moved from the small boy flock to the big boy flock and his personality changed quite a bit.  He seems more confident and less scared of humans now.  *ADOPTED*


We caught Bowzer as a stray along with Mario and Luigi.  They were all abandoned in a parking lot to fend for themselves.  These guys are all really small and have few down feathers. They could have frozen to death in the winter.  Bowzer is quite a rebel-rouser.  He likes to chase the other roosters around to remind them who is boss. *ADOPTED*


Ren is small and demure and he prefers to stay out of trouble.  He was caught as a stray rooster in Seattle in 2017.  He was living in a McDonald’s parking lot for several weeks.  Ren was really good friends with Stimpy for a while, but he might have new friendships now that he is with over 20 other roosters. *ADOPTED*


Rocky is a Barred Rock rooster who is approximately 1 year old. He was surrendered for unknown reasons and has been waiting for a forever home for several months.  Rocky passed away suddenly from Marek’s.


Stimpy is one of the messiest rooster we have ever housed.  During his quarantine period, Stimpy would knock over his food and water several times a day, his blankets would be a mess and he would fling stuff everywhere.  Since being outside with the flock he has calmed down tremendously.  *ADOPTED*


Hei Hei is a sweet rooster to everyone he meets. He looks spectacular with all bright white feathers and a big magnificent comb. Hei Hei is still pretty young, he gets along with hens and other roosters as well as geese and other farm animals. He would be a great companion pet.  *ADOPTED*