Animal Friends- August 2021

Many of the stories we share involve troubling levels of neglect and cruelty. Animal Friends is our monthly series bringing joy and happiness to your inbox. Over the years we’ve had the unique opportunity to witness our animal friends developing strong bonds and relationships with each other. The friendships formed here at the sanctuary are unique to each animal and often aid in their recovery from abuse and neglect. We hope their stories of friendship will not only inspire you but will also show that our animal friends can and do recover from past trauma and abuse with the help of each other. As a place of healing, our greatest hope is that the animals are able to live life on their terms with no expectations or pressures from us. Here are their stories.

We made the difficult decision to say goodbye to our dear friend Penny last week. When Penny was rescued almost two years ago, she came to us with severe mobility issues. She couldn’t stand up from laying and walking was extremely uncomfortable for her. With time, her discomfort has grown and oftentimes we wondered about her quality of life.

Most recently, Penny was doing alternative therapy which had provided her with some relief. Early last week, Penny was in a lot of discomfort so we took her in for an emergency exam and CT Scan at OSU. Penny had no cartilage in her hips or stifles leading to bone resorption and arthritis. She was in a terrible amount of pain so we made the most humane decision possible.

Penny and Fiona were dear friends and the inspiration behind Animal Friends. It seems only fitting that after they both have passed we should honor them with one last story. Their friendship and healing through each other is where I learned how powerful animal friendships could be.

Penny and Fiona were an inspiration to most who knew them. Despite all the damage that was inflicted upon them by humans they persevered, found joy, happiness, and each other. Their friendship with each other allowed them to both overcome their pasts. They both still tolerated humans but found real joy in their friendship with each other. Every night before bed Kate and I would hear them grunting and arguing over who would sleep where. True friendship is never complete without a little drama mixed in. It would take several minutes but eventually they would sort everything out and be all tucked in and cuddled up moments later.

Every day since Fiona passed I have thought of her. Through Penny and Fiona’s friendship I learned the importance of sanctuary for animals and how they can truly heal in a safe and loving environment. The lessons and profound impact they both have had on my life will stay with me forever and help guide Heartwood Haven into the future.

Penny and Fiona brought so much joy and happiness to the sanctuary. Their legacy will live on as we continue to fight for victims of animal cruelty. And most importantly we allow them to live life on their terms with no agenda or expectations from us.

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