Heartwood Haven

the story of us

‟ We knew we had to do something to provide these amazing animals with a forever home

Heartwood Haven Vegan Animal Sanctuary began when its co-founders saw a post on their local vegan page seeking homes for roosters rescued from cockfighting. Although we didn’t have any experience with chickens we volunteered to take one into our home to prevent him from being euthanized. We named him Porter. Once Porter arrived, we were a little apprehensive but he immediately won us over with his warm personality and affection for humans. We began to research information about roosters and found that many are dumped, abandoned, and euthanized every year.We knew we had to do something to provide these amazing animals with a forever home.

Although roosters are the primary focus at Heartwood Haven, we also provide sanctuary to other farm animals as well as dogs and cats. If there is ever an animal in need we will always offer them a safe and loving home. Our current and future plans are to continue to provide sanctuary for animals in need until we no longer have space available on our 2.5-acre property. At that point, we will likely search for new property to expand the sanctuary.

We are also working to educate the public about considering chickens as companion animals and not food. We provide education and awareness about how YOU can have a chicken live in the home with other companion animals. There are many ways you can help. Chickens and especially roosters are in need of safe and loving forever homes. While we do not adopt our residents out, we can help you find chickens in need as well as help with your outdoor/indoor setup.

Getting involved with your local sanctuary is another great way to help the animals. You can volunteer your time to work, spend time with the animals, or donate funds. Going vegan is the best way to treat the animals, the environment, and yourself. All animals deserve the same love, respect, and admiration. Visit our Go Vegan Page for more information and resources.



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