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Carmella was one of the early rescues from the COVID pandemic. Many people were purchasing “pets” without doing research or thinking it through and later releasing the animals or abandoning them. This was especially popular with ducks and we rescued nearly ten “pandemic pet” ducks that way. Carmella has transformed in the time she has …

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Molly and Friends

Molly is a survivor of the egg industry. She arrived with a broken leg, a common occurence for battery cage hens who are vitamin and nutrient depleted. Surgery to fix her leg didn’t work due to the severe osteoporosis. But eventually she healed and now gets around on one leg. Molly shares her life with …

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Emerald is what is called a “mule” duck, he is a hybrid between a muscovy duck and a mallard duck, which are two different species. Similar to the hybrid cross of horses and donkies which are sterile, “mule” ducks are sterile and have a mix of characteristics from both species. Emerald was abandoned in a …

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June & Annie

June broke her leg and was completely unable to walk but not receiving any care. June and Annie’s owner was looking for someone who could help June to mend her broken leg; they were surrendered to us and June had surgery on her leg. After the leg healed and there is not even a limp. …

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Daddy and family

A local farm event venue had to close their doors due to the pandemic and needed to rehome all their animals. The flock of ducks were slowly being picked off by predators, so we decided to help by taking all of them, so that nobody had to be left behind to fend for themselves. A …

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Pedro and Anastasia

Pedro and Anastasia were abandoned at a lake on a military base; they were found by a family who lived close by. They wanted to find them a safe haven where they would be taken care of and reached out to us.

Esmerelda, Dolly and more

David, Dolly, Esmerelda and other hens have arrived to Heartwood Haven from a variety of circumstances. Esmerelda was found as a stray. Dolly was the last surviving member of her flock. David was found dumped in a park. We also have four hens who were found thrown away in a trashcan as chicks. All these …

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Freddy plus hen

Freddy was rescued from a cockfighting bust and remains at the sanctuary because he has severe PTSD as a response to the trauma he experienced. Freddy doesn’t handle stress well, he picks out his wing feathers and fights with himself making himself bleed or worse. With time and a consistent schedule, Freddy has learned what …

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Tigga was rescued from a cockfighting bust. Tigger is a stunning rooster, he is tall and lanky and his colors can’t be matched. He is a mix of Aseel and Game Fowl. He is pretty cautious with new people and tends to be standoffish. Tigga would do best in a home that needs a protective …

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Junior is a stunning lad who is looking for a flock of hens to love. He came to the sanctuary from a cruelty case but you wouldn’t even know it. He is sweet as pie and takes great care of his friends. He would be a great protector for a flock of hens, he loves …

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Phoenix was rescued from a cockfighting bust. He is a stunning rooster who is overly protective and is not a fan of people. Phoenix is in a forever foster home.

Amy Kristen and Tina

Amy Kristen and Tina were picked up alongside the road in a box with a dozen ducklings. Eventually they outgrew their home and were living in less than ideal conditions. We helped their rescuer expand the area the ducks lived in and adopted the three hens who needed separate living arrangements. These three sisters remain …

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Scarlett is the newest member of the turkey flock. She was raised to be eaten, but one day was attacked by a bobcat. She was dragged for a while before the bobcat got scared away. She had a lot of trauma from that and refused to go outside. That’s how Scarlett arrived to the sanctuary. …

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Oakley and Stevie

Oakley and Stevie were found as strays in July 2020. Many people get mini pigs without having necessary resources to care for them. It is unfortunate and sad for the pigs. They were friendly, but not spayed or neutered. These two were adopted and scored a great piggy home. They made good friends with all …

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Delilah came from another WA Sanctuary. She was rescued by Refarm around 2016-17. Delilah is a “big pig” or “farm pig”, that means that she happens to be 400-500lbs. She and others of her kind are usually raised for slaughter. Refarm Sanctuary had to close down due to the passing of their cofounder, Jeannette. Delilah …

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