Ex Battery Hens

Ex-battery hens


Rescue Date

January 1, 2018


Over the years, Heartwood Haven has rescued 300 former battery cage hens. In the egg laying industry, these hens are kept in cages for 1.5-2 years, their beaks are cut off when they are chicks. These battery cages are stacked on top of each other in huge warehouses that keep their lights on 24/7. The hens never get to experience fresh air, sunshine or scratching dirt. When they arrive to us, their nails are too long, all their feathers are broken or missing and they are nutritionally deficient. Rehabilitation for them isn’t easy as they have to learn to do everyday things like finding food, water and learning life outside and not in a cage.

My Friends

Ronnie and Jocelyn

Ronnie and Jocelyn are broad-breasted white turkeys. They are sweet and curious and love to explore and welcome visitors. Ronnie…

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Carmella was one of the early rescues from the COVID pandemic. Many people were purchasing “pets” without doing research or…

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Molly and Friends

Molly is a survivor of the egg industry. She arrived with a broken leg, a common occurence for battery cage…

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