Heartwood Haven Marian

Marian and Friends


Rescue Date

September 16, 2018


Marian arrived at just a month old because someone abandoned her on the street because of her breed. Marian is a Cornish Cross breed, which are the chickens raised for meat production. They grow very fast and very large. These chickens HAVE to be on a healthy and limited diet because of the severe genetic selection for some unhealthy qualities. Marian is sweet and trusting, she’s spent time living with companions of other species but didn’t have other chicken friends until three friends arrived. Marian’s friends were rescued from Kaporos, a religious sacrifice ritual, and they were all quite young. They used to look up to Marian with adorning looks on their faces that told us that they wished to grow up to be just like Marian. And they have. Their favorite healthy snack are greens and pumpkins.

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