Heartwood Haven has completed a lot of projects with the help of our volunteers.


We can always use extra hands at the sanctuary. Visit our Facebook page to see all of our volunteering opportunities! We require all visitors and volunteers complete a waiver prior to visiting. Please review, complete, and submit your waiver at least 1-week before your visit to allow time for processing. Thank you! 

Contact us with questions if you are interested in becoming a new volunteer.


Do you have a specialized skill which you would like to share with us?  We are interested in working with artists, photographers, marketing specialists, writers, bloggers, grant writers, craftsmen, carpenters, and many other talents. Your hobby or skill may be just the addition the sanctuary needs!

Contact us and share how you would like to help out.

What to Expect

Heartwood Haven is home to many rescued animals in various stages of healing.  Do not touch, approach, or feed the animals without checking with one of the Founders, Hope or Katya.

Please note: The sanctuary property is strictly vegan. Please do not bring any animal products onto the property.

What to wear: sturdy boots, clothes that can get muddy or dirty, work gloves, and appropriate attire for outdoor weather.

Types of activities include:

  • Clearing brush
  • Installing fencing
  • Cleaning coops or barns
  • Digging postholes
  • Building new structures
  • Hauling
  • The work is labor intensive and what we like to call FREE crossfit
  • Taking animals for a walk
  • Spending time with animals for rehabilitative purposes
  • Feeding and providing water to residents
  • Cleaning crates