Heartwood Haven fights against the disastrous effects of animal cruelty through rescue, education, and sanctuary to promote a more compassionate world for animals and humans.

   Life on their terms.   

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Animal Friends with Ruby and Boris!

Our monthly series, Animal Friends, highlights stories of recovery and how the relationships the animals form with each other help them recover from past abuse and trauma.

Check out previous stories by clicking the link below.

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Latest News From The Sanctuary

Resident piglet, Wanda, is adapting to her new home at Heartwood Haven Sanctuary.

Fundraising Campaign for the Three Little Pig(lets)

Just under two weeks ago, Heartwood Haven expanded the sanctuary grounds once again, this time to intake three piglets in need of a new home. We were able to build a secure temporary barn using primarily recycled materials and a budget of $300 USD. Now that a few days have passed, we are looking toward the future for the piglet trio. Today, we launched a YouCaring campaign specifically to raise funds for robust fencing, a barn, spaying Wanda, and care-taking for the three rescued piglets. Please visit YouCaring and help us continue providing an improved, safe, and happy life for Wanda, Yoshi, and Koopa. As a 501(c)(3), your donations to Heartwood Haven are tax-deductible.

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Basic Chicken Health Check

Maintaining good health of the residents is one of our top priorities. In order to achieve this, we always conduct health checks on all new birds arriving at the sanctuary in addition to once a month health checks on all residents. A health check should not be taken as a replacement for proper veterinary care,…

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Heartwood Haven Vegan Animal Sanctuary banner.

501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Sanctuary

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″ admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” background_size=”initial”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” background_size=”initial” _builder_version=”3.2.2″] Non-Profit Status News We have exciting news! Are you ready? We’re officially a 501(c)(3) organization! We just received our determination letter in the mail today, and we became official on December 29th. We want to give a big shout out to our supporters…

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Animals For Adoption

Heartwood Haven Maxine


We have 71 sweet piggies looking for their loving forever home. The pigs came from a horrible cruelty case, but…

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Heartwood Haven Peanut


We have 71 sweet piggies looking for their loving forever home. The pigs came from a horrible cruelty case, but…

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Heartwood Haven Vivian


We have 71 sweet piggies looking for their loving forever home. The pigs came from a horrible cruelty case, but…

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As a place of healing that’s all we can hope for, the animals living life on their terms. No agenda and no expectations from us.


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Accredited by GFAS

Thank you for all your generosity and support yesterday on Giving Tuesday! 

We are so grateful for you and your compassion for the animals. 

Yesterday we raised $15,646 towards the $25,000 goal to build a spay/neuter clinic here at the sanctuary. So if you missed the posts to donate yesterday there is still time. 

We are not going to give up on this dream for the animals. Kate and I are more determined than ever to make this happen. We want the pigs to have the best medical care possible and we want their spay/neuter surgeries to be stress free and easy on them. 

So many of you signed onto that dream yesterday with your donations and we are so grateful for you! 

If you’d like to make a donation towards this important project you can do so here, Venmo to Heartwood-Haven, or by visiting the link in our bio and going to our website. 💛💛
🎉$5,000 Match today for Giving Tuesday 🎉

This year your support and generosity has rescued 209 animals! 88 were intact pigs who needed to be spayed and neutered. 

Today, your gift has the ability to impact so many more animals by helping us build a spay/neuter clinic right here at the sanctuary. 

We have the building and team so your gift will be used to buy equipment such as an anesthesia machine, operating table, and monitoring equipment. 

Your gift will help pigs who have been left to die and when not in use by our pig friends will go on to support a low cost spay/neuter clinic for our local rural community. 

Please help us make this dream a reality and reach the $5000 match.

Your support isn’t just a donation; it’s an act of compassion that will echo through the lives of countless animals, altering their destinies and rewriting their stories. 

You can donate here, Venmo to Heartwood-Haven, or by clicking the link in our bio and visiting our website. 💛💛
Happy Thanksliving!

Today is all about gratitude and we are immensely grateful for YOU! Your compassion and generosity has saved over 240 animals this year while also caring for the nearly 100 animals who call Heartwood Haven home. 

You have transformed so many lives this year. You have given them hope. You have been a light during their darkest hour. 

We are so grateful for you and your compassion. Saving animals would not be possible without you. 

We hope you have a beautiful day filled with compassion, gratitude, and love. 

Thank you for making miracles possible! 💛💛
Giving Tuesday is less than a week away! We have a $5,000 match to help build a spay/neuter clinic here at the sanctuary. 

In March, we set out to rescue 80 pigs from a cruelty case in Bend, OR. Only 2 of the pigs were neutered, and none of the females were spayed. Our goal was simple: rescue the pigs, spay/neuter them, and find them loving forever homes. 

It was a challenge but one we weren't willing to back away from. 

What we learned along the way was there aren't enough qualified veterinarians who can spay/neuter pigs, the quality of care they receive is low, and the cost is highly expensive, often costing upwards of $1500 per pig.

So, we worked with our sanctuary veterinarian, Dr. Blair Burggren, to find a solution. A dream was born to build our very own spay/neuter surgery suite here at the sanctuary. A place where we could treat every animal with respect and compassion and give them the individual care they deserve.

We have the building in place; we need your help to renovate and outfit it with the equipment to perform spays and neuters.

As an added benefit, when the clinic is not being used to help our pig friends, it will serve as a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for our local rural community.

Your support isn't just a donation; it's an act of compassion that will echo through the lives of countless animals, altering their destinies and rewriting their stories.

Will you be their hero and join us in this journey of hope and compassion? All donations are being matched up to $5,000.
🎉Save Wilbert 🎉

Wilbert needs our help urgently. Wilbert is 11 years old and has been living in the same place his whole life with his family. A recent change in the ownership of the mobile park has put him in danger because he is no longer allowed.

Unfortunately Wilbert is in bad shape. Wilbert is completely fat blind after years of overfeeding. Moreover Wilbert’s hooves are overgrown, making it difficult to walk. And because Wilbert is so overweight, his belly drags on the ground as he walks and he steps on it.

His outdoor area is small, so it’s deep mud mixed with excrement and the skin on his belly and legs are raw and red.

Wilbert needs a lot of help and you can help us save him. 

Wilbert will be the 88th pig we rescue this year but we need to raise funds for Wilbert’s care. He will need a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine to lose those pounds. We don’t know if Wilbert will ever get his eyesight back but he can get in better shape. Wilbert will need a hoof trim, a dental cleaning, and maybe even surgery further down the road to help keep his belly from dragging on the ground.

Can you help Wilbert get to safety? You can donate right here or Venmo to Heartwood-Haven. 💛💛
🎉$5 Friday for Abbie 🎉

We are still $300 away from being able to save Abbie. Abbie is almost blind from being severely overweight and she needs our help. 

Abbie also isn’t spayed so the money raised will help to cover her care and spay surgery. 

Can you make a donation and help save Abbie? You can donate here, Venmo to Heartwood-Haven, or by visiting our website. 

Let’s bring Abbie home and give her the life she deserves. 💛💛
🎉Help Save Abbie! 🎉

Abbie is a 1.5 year old Kune Kune who is at risk of losing her eye sight due to excessive weight gain. 

Abbie needs us to step in immediately and bring her to safety and we need your help to do it. 

Abbie’s family also lost their home several months ago and Abbie has been living inside the back of a makeshift wooden trailer being held together by straps. 

We would like to help the family and Abbie so everyone can find a happy solution. 

Abbie is not spayed and we need to raise $1000 today to cover her spay and the long recovery ahead.

Abbie has a tough road ahead as she needs to lose the excessive weight in order to maintain her eyesight and give her a healthy life. 

Can you donate today and help save Abbie? You can donate here, Venmo to Heartwood-Haven or by visiting our website. 

Let’s bring Abbie home for the Holidays! 💛💛
Please help me welcome Owen and Ozzie!

Owen and Ozzie were dumped at a park in the Tri Cities area. Likely because they are male geese who will never lay eggs. 

Due to on going avian influenza we had to quarantine Owen and Ozzie offsite for over 2 months. 

Avian influenza is still happening and one of the biggest threat of spreading the disease is when domestic birds come into contact with wildlife such as Canadian Geese. Since Owen and Ozzie were sharing a park and pond with others we quarantined them offsite at a facility with no birds to protect all of the birds currently living at Heartwood Haven.

The good news is Owen and Ozzie are healthy and able to join the flock. 

Kate tells many stories of her grandmothers geese she would visit as a child growing up in Moldova. The goose coop was used as a hiding place for grain, keeping it safe from Russian soldiers passing through who would take all the reserves from farmers. 

As you can imagine that has translated into her deep love for geese. Owen and Ozzie are in good hands now. 💛💛
Join us for the 2023 Torfuky Trot in Portland, OR. Presented by @the_tofurky_company and @northwestveg. 

We along with 7 other animal sanctuaries are the beneficiaries of this event. Come spend the morning with 100’s of other compassionate friends. 

Kate and I will be there with merchandise and information about the  animals. We hope to see you there! 

You can get your tickets by clicking the link in our bio. 💛💛
Pumpkin Queen Ruby is on her last pumpkin. 

Halloween is over though and there are a lot of sad pumpkins out there looking for a pig to love them. 

Ruby is your girl sad little pumpkins. 

If you’re all done with your whole pumpkins, Ruby would love to have them! We are located in Roy, WA so if you’re nearby or see your local store giving away a lot of pumpkins we would appreciate them. 

We can feed out 35 pumpkins a day to all the pigs here so no amount is too many. 

If you would like to drop some off just sent us a message and we’ll give you the address. Thank you all! Ruby’s gonna love it! 💛💛
Standing in a field of apples is pure bliss for Otis. 😍

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe out there. 💛💛
Cooper is happy with all the apples! 😍

We have nearly a dozen apple and pear trees here at the sanctuary and every fall the pigs reap the benefits of these 100 year old trees. 

Pears are their favorites but apples make them happy too. 💛💛
It’s a very chilly morning at the sanctuary with Boris! Our temperatures have been only 24 degrees at night the last few days. 🥶

That means winter is coming and there is a new year on the horizon. Be sure to order your 2024 Calendar today. Ruby is the feature for January and the calendar is filled with amazing photos of the pigs. Your purchase helps us care for the animals all year round especially when cold weather hits. 

You can order yours by clicking the link in our bio. Thank you for supporting Boris, Ruby, and their friends. 💛💛
Monday’s with Matilda and Jack. 😴
Ruby loves pumpkin day! 😍

Come see us at Georgetown Liquor Co. today from 2-6PM for Piggies and Pints. 

Your visit today not only helps the animals but it helps a local vegan business! 

It’s rough out there for animal sanctuaries and vegan restaurants so we’d really appreciate your support. 

If you’re unable to attend today please consider making a donation to help feed the animals this Winter. 

You can donate here or on Venmo. All donations are currently being matched and we’ll send you some Halloween stickers in appreciation. 💛💛
Daisy is feeling cute today! 😍

Daisy was rescued from a laboratory testing facility just a few months ago. She loves her life of freedom here at the sanctuary with her sister Lily. 

Daisy also loves people and enjoys running up to everyone she sees. 

We currently have a $2000 match to raise funds to feed Daisy and her friends this winter. When you donate we will send you two Halloween stickers featuring the pigs!

You can donate right here or Venmo to Heartwood-Haven. Thank you for helping animals like Daisy live a life of freedom and safety. 💛💛
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