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Boris and Ruby have both overcome so much in their shortime here at Heartwood Haven.

They have been living together for a little over 6 months now and most recently have become friends and cuddle buddies.

Boris took a little while to warm up but Ruby was persistent and eventually won him over. No one can deny the charms of the piggygator.

Be Boris' Valentine!

Boris is finally able to see again! Most recently he's made some new friends in Linus and Ruby.

Boris was abandoned and living in trash eating junk food. He was deaf and blind. At Heartwood Haven, Boris found safety, warmth and friendship. Despite his sad past, he loves humans and belly rubs.

Boris is hoping for some Valentine's so he, Ruby, and Linus can have a new barn built for them. Their current one will not survive another winter.


Be Lucy's Valentine

Lucy was one of the very first pigs to arrive at Heartwood Haven. She arrived with her sister Ethel after being abandoned on a property for an unknown amount of time without bedding, food, or water and were surviving on scraps provided by squatters.

They were found when the property was sold. Lucy unfortunately wasn't receiving much of the food so she suffers from several health problems. Lucy is easily recognized by her ears which often cover her eyes and has earned the nickname, Lucy with the Best Ears.

Be Benji's Valentine

Benji and his brothers Arlo, Otis, and Cooper were found locked inside a wooden crate that was left in the sun on a hot with no water or ventilation. They were being prepped for a BBQ and were just an hour away from dying of heat stroke and dehydration.

Thankfully the neighbor heard their screams and called animal control. Their lives were spared due to humane laws that don't allow animals to suffer and die from excessive heat, cold or lack of ventilation.

Here at Heartwood Haven Benji is celebrated for being an individual. Benji is curious about people, loves belly rubs, and enjoys spending his days with his pig family.


Cooper were seized as part of an animal cruelty investigation. He was locked in a small wooden crate and left in the sun on a 90 degree day to dehydrate and die of heatstroke. To the people who had him, it didn’t matter if he lived or died because they would be killed anyway for a BBQ. We are grateful that Animal Control officers did the right thing in getting them to safety.

Cooper will now live the rest of his life getting the best care and will only know kindness and compassion.


Be Astro and Finn's Valentine

Astro and Finn arrived in June 2020. These two fascinate every visitor with their unique look. You see, they are mostly naked and have little hair. This is a trait of the tropical Yucatan pig breed. This breed is often used for laboratory testing due to their lack of hair and sweet disposition.

Astro and Finn were test subjects for a study and were going to be euthanized after the study ended. Instead, they made it to sanctuary here at Heartwood Haven. These two are inseparable!

Astro thinks the best way to say hello is to walk by and rub himself against your legs. And Finn loves to bring branches he collected as presents to anyone he meets. We are happy to offer them sanctuary forever.

Be Ruby's Valentine

Ruby's living her best life here at Heartwood Haven. In the Spring she munches on grass and eats strawberries from the garden.

In the summer, she spends her days lounging by the pool and dropping in for a swim from time to time.

In the Fall and Winter she makes new friends, eats pumpkins, and cuddles with her new buddies Boris and Linus. Being Ruby's Valentine will ensure she, Boris, and Linus receive a new barn.



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